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The Role of the CEO 7 M's

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These are challenging times where it seems there is a dearth of leadership in every industry, especially healthcare, and a high performing organization is the exception reserved only for those really cool high tech companies.   Don’t worry. Becoming a high performing organization is not reserved just for high tech; it can happen in any industry even healthcare. But it is a pipe dream if the person at the top does not know what their role is.  So in many respects it starts there, with the CEO.  The 7 M’s is a great way for the leader at the top to think about their role and, more importantly, is a great list to spend their career mastering.Download eBook

I have been a CEO for about 20 years now and if I am honest, much of that time, I struggled to know whether I was playing my role correctly.  I would ask myself, “What exactly should I be doing? Where should I be focusing my time?”  Well, at least I was asking the question; because, I see many CEO’s that either just go with their habits or perhaps go with what made them successful before.  Both of those are risky propositions.  This ebook is what I wished I would have read 20 years ago; something that could have helped me feel confident I was focusing on the right things.  A CEO friend of mine who read this eBook recently said, “The 7 M’s is gold because it is a mooring to attach to.  Thank you a million times over.”


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All of us at Teleios Collaborative Network believe that everything indeed rises and falls on leadership, and healthcare needs and deserves leaders who are competent and prepared to navigate the journey.  Find out how Teleios Collaborative Network can help prepare you, and check out our Leadership Immersion page for our Leadership Immersion Course coming up in May 2019.  This is an amazing event where attendees will walk away with a toolbox of tools that will capacitate you for the journey.  You won’t find these leadership tools anywhere else.  If you want to be part of the leaders who help pave the way, join us.  

Here’s to the Journey!

Chris Comeaux, President / CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network


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