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– January 11 - 12th, 2025 –


Leadership Excellence Piece-by-Piece

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Welcome to Teleios University (TU)

We exist to support you in living your purpose with competence and confidence.



Meet the Professors


Chris Comeaux, MLAS

President & CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN)

Chris has spent his life and career researching, learning, coaching, and implementing the pushes and pulls necessary to create high performance leaders and high performance organizations.


Dr. Millicent Burke-Sinclair, Ed.D, MBA, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP

President & CEO of Four Seasons

Millicent is the CEO of Four Seasons. She has a passion for supporting individuals on discovering and living their cause and purpose. Millicent is experienced in helping organizations discover their vision and live their mission.


Carole Fisher

former President & CEO of Nathan Adelson Hospice and Principal, Fisher Group Consulting

Carole has a vast knowledge of the healthcare industry and a strong belief in the hospice philosophy. She is a visionary in her leadership and strives to improve the abilities of those she mentors.


The focus of this one-year program will be on engaging others in their purpose, developing high performance organizations, and finding positive meaning in daily living.

Throughout each quarter, TU’s Professors will incorporate resources (TED Talks, texts, articles, and more from multiple authors) and will ask for you to pull from your own life and organization’s experiences as well.

Preparation for each course is done so with open eyes, open minds, and open ears. Through your openness, you will see, think, and hear ways of value, of necessity, and of potential for incorporation into who you are, what your purpose is, and how you play your role in life. Through Teleios University’s Certification in Leadership Excellence Program, expect to come away living your life with great purpose, with great cause, and with great expectation.

*Teleios University’s Certification in Leadership Excellence has a flexible schedule allowing you to virtually attend quarter by quarter at a pace convenient to you.


This program is designed specifically for mid- to senior-level business leaders who are interested in reaching their full potential. 

  • Prerequisite: Completion or Enrollment in TCN Leadership Immersion Course 
  • Commitments
    • Monthly webinars, 1.5 hours
    • Experiential monthly activities (i.e., practice, journal, reflection)
    • Monthly Reading, TED Talks, Articles
    • Two on-site sessions, 3 days total (virtual as appropriate)
      • The first at Program inception
      • The second at Program culmination
    • Quarterly Challenge (i.e., Leadership Lessons with Movie)
    • Professor Office Hours available each month


Quarterly Focus

Leadership Discovery: Self-Understanding

  • Discovering who you are and how to live a life of purpose
  • Discovering how to live a life of competence and confidence

Leadership Harvest: People-Making

  • Harvesting the potential of every person each and every day
  • Harvesting the opportunities to develop a high performance workforce

Leadership Awakening: Organizational-Making

  • Awakening an organization of purpose and potential
  • Awakening and sustaining a high performance organization

Leadership Growth: Meaning-Management

  • Growing awareness of perspective(s) and understanding in the roles we play
  • Growing our approach for effective communication(s) across the organization



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Event Schedule


Day One

All times ET

Welcome & Introduction
with Millicent
Brief Course Overview, Role Description, and Initial Q&A
Spark Clip
with Millicent

Purposeful introspection to understanding one's self and one's cause and purpose

Purpose Calling
with Professors
Share your object and quote that describes you best.  Ask questions of one another to learn more about your partners on the road to Leadership Excellence.
Open time for self-care and asking questions
Investigative Reporter
with Carole

Through reflective time understanding yourself, you will unite with your classmates in sharing who you each are and your purpose.

Lunch Break
Investigative Reporter (cont)
with Professors

Through reflective time understanding yourself, you will unite with your classmates in sharing who you each are and your purpose.


Open time for self-care and asking questions

Cause and Purpose Exploration
with Chris

You will interact and learn along with Chris so together each may begin exploring the concept of cause and purpose.

with Professors

Day One Conclusion and Day Two Briefing

Day Two

All times ET

Cause and Purpose Sharing
with Millicent
If you're willing, share your reflections from Day One on your Cause and Purpose.  Learn from Millicent how Cause and Purpose set the scene for how you play your role in life and work.
Reality Exercise
with Chris

You engage with Chris and your classmates through a decentering activity connecting heart and mind around understanding who you are, why you do what you do, and who you need to be - diving deeper into the power of your Cause and Purpose and the impact of your habits on virtuosic living.

Program Overview
with Professors
Take a moment to revisit your goals for the Program and this quarter's learning.  Then, collaboratively, we'll explore the layout of Unit 1, the next steps for virtual learning, and Assignment 1.
with Professors

Day Two Conclusion