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– November 4th - November 8th, 2024 –


The Leadership System to move your organization forward.


Ready to achieve your Leadership goals?


Welcome to Leadership Immersion

A 5-day Leadership Immersion Course where Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) Leaders will provide you with practical tools to achieve results.



Meet the Presenters


Chris Comeaux


Chris is an award-winning expert and lifelong student on leadership and the performance required to truly be a leader. He has spent his life and career researching, learning, coaching, and implementing the pushes and pulls necessary to create high performance leaders and high performance organizations.


Dr. Millicent Burke-Sinclair, Ed.D, MBA, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP

TCN Human Resources Coach, President / CEO of Four Seasons

As an avid learner and nationally known educator and consultant in areas of business strategy, non-profit management, human resources, operations leadership, and healthcare, Millicent sets the bar high and makes what is necessary possible for all she meets. Because of Millicent’s life purpose, she is a living example of her purpose as she learns daily, grows continuously, and lives a life of joy. This is the culture she creates for all around her.


Alyson Cutshall

Chief Growth Officer

Alyson has worked in sales leadership exclusively in the for-profit hospice industry. Under her leadership as a VP of Sales, she led one provider to achieve the top market share in Tennessee, organically expand to another state, and acquire a state-wide provider.


Tina Gentry

Chief Administrative & Advancement Officer

Tina achieved the professional designation of Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), a designation held by only 6,200 people worldwide. She began her career in hospice in 2003 and has dedicated her professional talents to serving TCN and its Members.


Janelle McCallum

Chief Clinical Operations Officer

Janelle is dedicated to enabling people and organizations to achieve peak performance and resiliency. She has spent her career working with staff & volunteers who care for persons and their families at end of life. She is passionate about offering opportunities for families and patients to experience peace of mind with help from staff who are devoted to developing their craft and realize their significant impact in the lives of vulnerable families.


Raquel Braithwaite

VP Of Program and Business Development

Raquel Braithwaite has been a healthcare leader for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of operational, marketing, and strategy positions. Raquel marries business acumen with clinical expertise. She has worked in and consulted for health systems, pharma, start-up, small business, and nonprofit sectors. Raquel offers subject matter specialty in the areas of external relations, business strategy, operational planning, leadership, and innovative program development.


Edie Riddlespurger, MSW, LISW-CP

VP of Hospice Operations

Edie began her career in end-of-life care over 20 years ago at a nonprofit, hospital-based hospice, homecare and private duty organization. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Limestone University where she greatly enjoyed assisting with the leadership and professional development of social work, psychology and sociology students.


Lara McKinnis, MS, MT-BC

Professional Development Specialist

Lara brings with her 20+ years of both clinical and leadership experience, the majority of which has been in end-of-life care. With specialized training in trauma and music therapy, she's passionate about disrupting antiquated systems of support within our serious illness organizations. Her consultant work at TCN is geared toward helping our members provide relevant, trauma-informed, efficient support to everyone in their organization. She also maintains a private psychotherapy practice where she specializes in working with people in helping professions as well as leaders and entrepreneurs.


Annette Kiser, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Chief Compliance Officer

Annette is the Chief Compliance Officer for Teleios Collaborative Network. Equipped with more than 32 years of health care experience, she is widely regarded as a regulatory and compliance specialist in the hospice industry.


The beauty of this Leadership System is the ability to adapt it to your organization’s needs. 


It must have taken you 15 years to compile and assimilate these tools into this comprehensive system and in such a way that makes it so readily to understand and implement. - Participant

Chris' leadership system has transformed our organization. His straightforward, logical approach to teaching his system has improved our internal communication and daily operations. Additionally, we now have a process for continuously developing leaders throughout our organization. - Cliff S.



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The Location

TCN's Leadership Immersion is held virtually.

Event Schedule

Day One

All times ET

Introductions & Logistics
with Chris Comeaux
What is Leadership
with Chris Comeaux

Your cause and purpose hangs in the balance without common language regarding leadership.  This presentation pulls from Chris Comeaux’s book The Anatomy of Leadership, establishing a common lexicon and laying the groundwork for the rest of the Leadership Immersion Course.

Wellness Break
Why You Need a Leadership System & Getting Things Done
with Chris Comeaux

This presentation lays out “The Teleios Leadership System,” and why every great endeavor of individuals needs a leadership system.  It also includes a discussion regarding one of the most potent and powerful tools in the Teleios system: The 7 Fundamentals of Every Organization System.  This will help every leader be effective and get things done.

Networking & We! Connect
with Chris Comeaux
Role Descriptions, Learning Plans, Goal Setting & More
with Chris Comeaux
What would it feel like to be performing your role with excellence?  How would it feel if you genuinely loved what you do, learned daily, and accomplished your goals?  Join us for this presentation and come away with great purpose and determination, and begin to craft your own role description giving you a vision for your role, your learning, and your growth.
Wrap Up Day 1
with Chris Comeaux

Day Two

All times ET

Review from Day 1
with Chris Comeaux
Management by Strengths (MBS)
with Alyson Cutshall and Tina Gentry

Better understand why employees communicate the way they do so that you can capitalize on individual strengths.

Wellness Break
Effective Meetings
with Janelle McCallum and Raquel Braithwaite

Meeting preparation, flow, and tools, to ensure your meetings are purposeful and effective.

Delivering on Our Promises to Care: Policies & Procedures, Processes & Best-Known Practices
with Chris Comeaux and Janelle McCallum

Ever wonder why consistency in the delivery of your mission is up and down?  Learn how policies, procedures, processes, and best-known practices make "excellence you can count on and customized care you love" possible.

Wellness Break
Tough Conversations
with Millicent Burke-Sinclair and Tina Gentry
Have you ever needed to have a tough conversation but didn’t know where to start? This presentation will help you be even better equipped and confident preparing to have Tough Conversations.
Wellness Break
Networking Welcome Reception
with Chris Comeaux and Lara McKinnis

Introduction to The Art of Showing Up In Action into We! Connect

Being an excellent leader isn't just about what you do, it's about how you show up with yourself and others.  At TCN, we refer to this as The Art of Showing Up.  One highly important and nuanced question for leaders today is, "How do I promote resilience and excellence given the constant stream of stress and trauma impacting our communities?"  The Art of Showing Up in Action will focus on this question.  We'll meet 3 times.  Today, we'll start with an introduction to the concepts.
Wrap Up Day 2
with Chris Comeaux

Day Three

All times ET

Review from Day 2
with Chris Comeaux
with Tina Gentry

Learn why one to one meetings with your direct reports can increase employee engagement and improve organizational outcomes. 

Wellness Break
Situational Leadership: Theory & Practice
with Janelle McCallum

Participants will have an opportunity to experience & practice different levels of situational leadership.

Networking & We! Connect
The Art of Showing Up in Action
with Lara McKinnis

During our 2nd Art of Showing Up session, we'll continue to build on the concepts that we discussed yesterday.  You'll get to experience what it feels like to digest both the struggles within your organization AND the strength that supports your organization as we create a piece of music together.  I look forward to seeing your courage and hearing your authentic voices. 

PS: Don’t worry, you won’t have to sing! 😊

Building High Performance Teams
with Millicent Burke-Sinclair

When is the last time you hired someone? How did you determine they were the right one for the role? In this presentation we will explore components and qualities of building high performance teams and how to comprise existing teams for high performance outcomes.

Wrap Up Day 3
with Chris Comeaux
Simulation Prep for CEOs
with Chris Comeaux and Facilitators

Day Four

All times ET

Review from Day 3
with Chris Comeaux
No Margin No Mission: Finance for Non-Financial Managers
with Annette Kiser and Noy Xaysanavongphet

Both clinical and financial leaders have important roles in helping ensure the financial success of the organization. Financial leaders can help educate clinical staff about the interplay of payer sources, finances, and patient care services. Clinical leaders need to understand how relatedness and coverage decisions impact reimbursement in and payments out. Do you understand what a balance sheet is?  What about an income statement?  We will cover these in terms any leader can understand as you don’t need an MBA to understand the numbers. The challenge for most leaders is they have never had it explained to them in a way that helps them see how their day-to-day actions impact the financial reports.  We will do that together and you will get an opportunity to put these newfound skills to work in our simulation on Day 5. Let’s talk about these important topics so the organization can continue its mission!

Wellness Break
Communication Rules of the Road
with Annette Kiser and Rochelle LaGrow

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Do I use Teams, Outlook, Gmail, SharePoint, Yammer, or some other method for communicating with my colleagues? How do I convey the need for a prompt response to my communication? What can I do to increase the likelihood of my message being read? Communication overload is real, but by using rules and tips you can reduce the risk of your important information being lost in the shuffle.

Networking & We! Connect
High-Performance Planning: Pillars & 1-Year Operational Plans
with Chris Comeaux
A 1-Year Operational Plan is key to any team knowing what is most important and committing to it.  This balanced way to run any organization is brilliant and thoughtful in its design. Also, many tools are shared that enable teams to utilize this plan throughout the operational year.
Wellness Break
The Tiers of the Leadership System
with Chris Comeaux

Get an overview of the full scope of the Teleios Leadership System: from organizational strategic planning to tools for leaders to organize getting the right things done.  We will review Tier 1 tools that all leaders should implement, the advanced tools of Tier 5, and everything in between.

Wrap Up Day 4
with Chris Comeaux

Day Five

All times ET

Review from Day 4
with Chris Comeaux
Leadership Immersion Jeopardy
No Margin No Mission Simulation
Facilitated by TCN Team

This world-class simulation gives you the opportunity to put your newly learned leadership skills into practice: including business skills, making financial decisions, and formulating an operational plan for your team.

The simulation culminates in a great test of your communication and presentation skills.  After all, a plan not communicated well is just an idea.

Working lunch determined by each team

Wellness Break
The Art of Showing Up in Action Share
with Lara McKinnis

For our 3rd Art of Showing Up session, you'll get to hear the piece of music that you created with your fellow attendees.  Afterwards, we'll discuss the impact of the experience and ways for you to integrate what you learned into your leadership role.

No Margin No Mission Simulation Report Out
with Chris Comeaux
Networking & We! Connect
Simulation Debrief & Coaching Session
with Chris Comeaux
Wrap Up Day 5 & Mentoring Plan
with Chris Comeaux

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