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Lynn Flanagan, CEO of Hospice of Rockingham County


Dave Cook CEO TCN Testimonial

Dave Cook, CEO of Carolina Caring



Millicent Burke-Sinc_FULL_HD

Millicent Burke-Sinclair, CEO of Four Seasons, The Care You Trust




Cathy Swanson, CEO of Caldwell Hospice



“Was a great investment of time. Alyson, Tina, Chris and Christopher and the entire TCN team are so eager to share their expertise and help our member agencies position for growth. The tools provided will certainly be employed and advantageous as we continue to grow and serve our community I’ve said it before, no matter how large or small our member agencies are, we all have the same concerns, issues and opportunities. The ability to discuss openly and network with friends is priceless!”

- Ronnie G.

"Chris's leadership system has transformed our organization. His straightforward, logical approach to teaching his system has improved our internal communication and daily operations. Additionally, we now have a process for continuously developing leaders throughout our organization."

- Cliff S.

As the CEO of a small rural nonprofit partnering with TCN has been one of the best decisions we have made.  While maintaining our independence and identity the access to an outstanding group of subject matter specialists has proven to be very beneficial to our organization.  This group of hospice and palliative professionals work tirelessly to insure we all succeed.  No matter how large or small the agency we all face the same challenges and opportunities and they are there to help!  In fact my Board said, “Going with TCN was one of the best decisions we have ever made.”

- Ronnie Gregory, CEO, Compassionate Care of Western North Carolina


"TCN has become a part of our Four Seasons family in Co-Creating the Care Experience and we can’t imagine our family without them. They join with our care team as experts in post-acute care, strategic partners and collaborators in advancing clinical practice, and innovators in furthering access to quality care. Grateful for the significant positive impact we have experienced and the teamwork they promote so that every moment is better for all of who we impact."

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- Millicent Burke-Sinclair, CEO 

"I can highly recommend Chris Comeaux. His industry experience and knowledge coupled with a passionate pursuit as a learner, serves as an effective coach and guide towards organizational excellence. Chris brings a balance of useful tools and instruction along with customized plans specific to identified needs. He utilizes candid yet supportive interaction to improve practices and ultimately outcomes. The entire team  is committed to continuous improvement and is a valued partner in achieving best practices."

- David P

"You have created raving fans with your services to TCN members."

-Hospice CEO