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Alyson Cutshall

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Pre-call Planning for Success

Posted by Alyson Cutshall on Jun 18, 2021 2:41:37 PM

Last month, I led TCN’s bi-annual Growth Immersion, a sales training offered exclusively to not-for-profit hospice providers.  We had considerable issues with our audiovisual equipment.   And, when I say, “considerable issues,” I mean that, if it could have gone wrong, it didDespite the many challenges of technology, our participants gave us overwhelmingly positive feedback about the content and felt that their time had been well spent in our training. 

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Topics: Strategic Sales, Pre-call Planning, Referral Partner

Hospice Growth Despite COVID

Posted by Alyson Cutshall on Oct 21, 2020 5:05:08 PM

Since mid-March, I have heard many hospice leaders share that their organizations have been unable to continue strategic sales initiatives due to “the COVID effect.”

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Topics: Hospice Sales, Covid-19, Hospice Growth, Strategic Sales

Hustle & Bustle of the Season: The Need for Hospice Takes No Holiday

Posted by Alyson Cutshall on Dec 3, 2019 8:54:59 AM

Across my years of having worked at the senior sales leadership level for hospice organizations, I have heard that "the Holiday Season is not a time to talk about hospice services with my Referral Partners."  However, I have urged my sales team members to stay away from this train of thought.   

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Topics: Hospice Sales, Holiday Sales

Mission-Driven Growth In Hospice: Why Sales Shouldn't Be A Bad Word

Posted by Alyson Cutshall on Jul 26, 2019 12:10:46 PM

In 2005, I began promoting hospice services in my community because I thought, “I love hospice, and I can talk about our care all day long.”  Unfortunately, this train of thought enabled me to be successful with only some of my Referral Partners in the marketplace.  I was in a competitive market, and though I produced significant growth for my hospice provider, I wanted to become the best.

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Topics: Growth Immersion, Hospice Sales, ADC

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