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One Word That Will Change Your Life In 2019.

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Michelle Webb, our TCN Chief Learning Officer, introduced to several of us a book called One Word that will change your life.  Here is a short video that illustrates the premise of the book it is well worth the 3 minutes.  

Thus started a tradition where each year individually and with our families we choose One Word to help center our upcoming year.  I have to admit while I thought I knew what the one word would mean for the awaiting year, I can honestly say I had no idea the depth and breadth of the adventure that awaited me each year with my one word. 

A few examples from the last several years were: Adventure, Wisdom, Courage. In fact, wisdom was my one word this past year. While I thought I knew what this word portended for my year, I had no idea the mountaintops, valleys, and life challenges that awaited me this year.

The most profound adventure this year was breaking my neck in a bad bicycle accident and learning how precious life is, how blessed I am, and how much I take for granted the simple things in life like walking, driving, and exercising.  Those are things that often I looked at as a task or burden, “well it is time to go workout.”  You know that awful task like taking bad medicine that I just have to get over with.  Well now I can honestly say those things are blessings to me, even running to the store for my wife and being able to drive myself. 

Yes, I think I am a wiser person from the adventure of 2018 and I can’t wait to see what life holds for 2019.  So I don’t want this to be about me and my adventure, rather I challenge you to join the adventure! Pray fully or meditatively choose a word to center your focus, being, and doing for 2019.  Don’t worry it does not mean you have to go through something bad, but I can promise you it makes life more focused and more meaningful.  So join all of us at TCN, pick your One Word for 2019, and we look forward to being on the adventure with you.

Chris Comeaux,President / CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network

Chris Comeaux

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