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The Tone at the Top

Posted by Chris Comeaux on Mar 19, 2021 4:45:00 PM

When I was a young auditor in my first job out of college, I had great mentor and managing partner.

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Topics: Tone of a leader, Influencer

Listening From The Inside Out

Posted by Lara McKinnis on Mar 3, 2021 2:15:00 PM


Imagine each night after you brushed your teeth, you went to your favorite chair, sat down, closed your eyes, and saw yourself going through the day you just had; however, imagine magically that your body was able to give you feedback about the decisions you made… Let's pretend that you had a very relaxing day and accomplished everything on your task list and even made time for a nice walk while you listened to your favorite audible book. Hahaha. This is starting to get comical. Let's try that again a little more realistic this time!

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Topics: Stress, Avoidance, Crisis, EMDR, Inner Experience, Neuroscience

Record Drop in Cancer Deaths for Second Straight Year in U.S.

Posted by Christine Lau on Feb 24, 2021 9:00:00 AM

We celebrate World Cancer Day this month with record drop in cancer deaths for second straight year in U.S.

The American Cancer Society’s annual Cancer Statistics reports improved survival overall for those facing cancer.  The improvement is most pronounced in lung cancer, thanks to improvements in treatment of non-small cell cancer. We have come a long way since the 50’s and 60’s when the word cancer was said in hushed tones due to the likelihood of it being a terminal illness. 

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Topics: Palliative Care, World Cancer Day, Cancer, Cancer Deaths

Introducing you to our podcast TCNtalks

Posted by Chris Comeaux on Feb 17, 2021 5:58:27 PM

The audience for our TCNtalks podcasts is wide ranging as the sessions will appeal to hospice, palliative care, and other serious illness professionals of all levels!

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Topics: Serious Illness, TCN Talks Podcast

The Importance of Sharing Financial Information

Posted by Shannon Adams on Feb 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Today, more and more organizations are opening their books to share their financial information with their employees.  For some, this can be a frightening concept.  If we share in good times, will our employees demand higher pay?  If we share during tough times will our employees get nervous and jump ship?  What should we share and how often?  But don’t let these questions stand in the way of sharing with your staff.  You will find that the benefits far outweigh any costs.

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Topics: Financial Data, Financial Transparency, Financial Information

Communication & Collaboration – Make-or-Breaks for Solid Teams

Posted by Rochelle LaGrow on Jan 27, 2021 10:37:56 AM

How goes it, friends?  I’m Rochelle and potentially a new face for you as part of our TCN team.   

While my time with TCN is my first foray into the medical industry, I have nearly 15 years of experience in technology integration along with electronic tool development and implementation.  I have served as a liaison between clients, staff, and Information Technology departments in the automobile industry and Environmental Management federal contracting world.  In these roles I have been both member and leader of many teams with a wide range of goals and outcomes.

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Topics: Communication, Collaboration, Teams

Radical Times Require Radical Self-Care

Posted by Chris Comeaux on Jan 13, 2021 3:01:12 PM

What is going on with our dedicated healthcare workers?  Have you spoken with anyone who works in healthcare lately?  Now that we are 10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, with cases currently on the rise, we see healthcare workers literally walking off shifts and not returning, looking for non-patient care positions, or walking away from the profession all together. If you really want to tick them off, call them a “healthcare hero”, they are pretty tired of that.

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Topics: Crisis Leadership, Self Care, Health Care Workers

Unpacking Your 2020 Baggage

Posted by Catherine Iocona on Jan 5, 2021 5:49:53 PM

What a long, strange trip it’s been…

I have always loved New Year’s Day, and certainly never more than this year! For me, it represents unlimited possibilities. Some years are easier to put away than others and 2020 is a tough one to put away. Many of us are carrying baggage with us into the new year, and for some, it may be difficult to let go and look forward. As we journey on to the new year, let’s spend some time unpacking that 2020 baggage, putting some things away and choosing what we want to bring along into 2021.

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Topics: Vision, Journey, Purpose

The Speed of TCN

Posted by Chris Comeaux on Dec 15, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Years ago, I had a PowerPoint slide that had these cool dials on it and the animation would make the dials move. I would use this slide as a metaphor that as a leader you can create the pace and speed of your team, just like adjusting the dials on your vehicle.  

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Topics: Leadership Systems, The Leadership System

DNR, Hold the Stuffing, Please.

Posted by Angela Gruebbel on Nov 16, 2020 1:02:24 PM

Whether you are a turkey-lover or practice a meat-free diet, chances are when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner that stuffing is one of the showstoppers on the table.  Whether you call it dressing or stuffing, whether it’s in the bird or prepared in a separate dish, you can’t go wrong with chunks of bread cooked with celery, broth and special seasonings. 

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Topics: Advanced Directives, Living Will, DNR

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