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Drew Mihalyo on Pharmacy Deserts and More

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Join us as we welcome Drew Mihalyo, President of Pharmacy at Delta Care Rx, for an enlightening conversation about the often-overlooked issue of hospice pharmacy deserts.  Tune in as we tackle the pressing challenges facing hospice care today, from the role of pharmacists in this specialized field to the urgent need for industry-wide transparency and collaboration.




We examine the effects of national drug shortages, the regulatory landscape, and the complexities of providing timely care in the face of pharmacy deserts. Throughout our conversation, we underscore the importance of community engagement and the value of mentorship within the hospice community. Don't miss this compelling discussion that's sure to inspire and ignite a passion for innovation and resilience in the face of adversity.


Throughout, Drew shares his personal journey as a hospice pharmacist and his dedication to business transparency and innovation. We explore the power of pass-through prescription purchasing models that he and his colleagues are well known for catalyzing within the sector, a game-changer in the realm of economical medication purchasing for hospice care. Drew's insights into this disruptive approach shed light on the benefits of transparent billing and the significant strides towards making end-of-life care more accessible and cost-effective.


Our discussion with Drew also delves into the transformation and growth of Delta Care Rx over the years, highlighting the company's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technologies like e-prescribing and remote patient care. Discover how the strategic partnership with StateServe is paving the way for a comprehensive pharmacy and DME benefit management solution. We discuss how this collaboration is envisioned to have impacts on patient care costs and the hospice care industry's ongoing mission.





Our Guest

Drew Mihalyo

Drew Mihalyo
President of Pharmacy at StateServ-Delta Care Rx




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Chris Comeaux
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