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Artificial Intelligence: Adoption Is Changing Rapidly

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What if AI could cure healthcare of burnout?  Join us for an enlightening conversation Chris has with Jack Neil, MD, CEO of HANK.AI, as we uncover the incredible potential of AI and machine learning in the healthcare industry.  From Jack's personal journey into this fascinating field to his favorite books that shaped his leadership style, this episode is a treasure trove of insightful information.




This podcast is a fascinating discussion that revolves around the application of AI and machine learning in healthcare.  Jack notes that the lowest hanging fruit for AI and machine learning in healthcare is in the revenue cycle, as any ability to reduce costs without negatively affecting quality leads to adoption and ROI.  Many of the other applications in healthcare, such as clinical decision support or precision medicine, have a much higher barrier to adoption as there are numerous ethical, legal, business model, and trust issues.  

Jack believes that large language models like ChatGPT will fundamentally change the provision of care as they are refined, and guiderails are put into place to minimize hallucinations and to ground the language in truth.  The discussion also touches on the challenges of applying AI in healthcare, including regulation, bias, and the need for accessibility.  Overall, healthcare is a tough place to apply AI due to the complexity of the industry and the need for human-level equivalence or even perfection in most patient and provider-facing applications.

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Chris Comeaux and Jack also discuss how healthcare organizations approach and apply technology.  They reference Jim Collins' book Good to Great and explain that successful companies understand their processes well, using technology as an accelerator to enhance and further them, rather than buying technology to solve all their problems.  They discuss the issue of EMRs, which have created a system where healthcare providers spend much of their time clicking buttons rather than providing care to patients and the numerous near-term AI applications that will improve the patient and provider experience.  They also discuss the potential for new technology to address burnout and improve workflows in healthcare.

This is a great listen for staff, leaders, and Boards of hospice and palliative care organizations.  Don’t miss this timely, relevant, and information-packed episode.  Join us for a great listening experience.


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Jack Neil,
Founder and CEO of Hank.AI



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Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
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