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You Can’t Get the Fruits Without the Roots

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While shopping at Lowe’s this weekend I noticed something I had looked over many times before. I was shopping for blueberry and raspberry bushes for our farm. Have you ever noticed the tags on the bushes depicting the fruit growing on the tree? This is brilliant marketing.


It gives you a vision of what the bush can be if you get the soil right, the cultivation right, the pruning right, and the overall care right. If all we saw was the planting and hard work without getting a vision for the fruits, well, I am not sure we would buy the plant.

Casting Vision for Fruit

I think quite often I forget to paint the picture of the fruits for the TCN Leadership System. I get so excited about all of the hard work and teaching people the tools, I forget I am already bought in because I have seen the fruits and our TCN coaches are seeing the fruits with our members. This comprehensive toolbox is essential to establishing the roots that bring forth both personal and organization fruit that is lasting and sweet. It is really hard work to get there but the fruits are sweet indeed. What are they you ask?

  • Happy people
  • Better outcomes across all pillars
  • Learning every day

As Lee Thayer said, “Bringing life back into the performance of every role and hence daily life itself.”

Most importantly: happy and wonderfully served patients and families

As leaders, it’s easy to forget to paint the picture of fruit because we are already bought in.

Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I often get excited about and caught up in teaching people the tools and forget to cast the vision of the fruit because I am aware and seeing it daily. It is so important that we paint this picture for others so that they may see and understand the purpose of our hard work: the sweetness of the fruit.

Each element of our journey as leaders establishes roots in order that we may see fruit. Our fruit is people: serving them well and creating systems and avenues that provide access to care and resources for them.

Always keep this in sight, because it is our purpose, our vision, and our fruit.

 Chris Comeaux, President / CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network


If you want to learn more about the TCN Leadership System shoot us an email at ccomeaux@teleioscn.org


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