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TCNtalks: Concise Wisdom

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We are excited to announce that our podcast, TCNtalks, recently reached over 5,000 downloads!  With this announcement, we would like to remind you of the purpose and value of TCNtalks podcasts. TCNtalks continues to offer concise, relevant need-to-know hospice and serious illness content.   

In these podcasts, which I host, hospice and serious illness leaders share their ideas and expertise on topics like policy implications, and personal stories of their Hospice journeys, and review top hospice news stories. 

The audience for our TCNtalks podcasts is wide-ranging as the sessions will appeal to hospice, palliative care, and other serious illness professionals of all levels!

Each podcast is around 20 to 30 minutes, so listeners can utilize the learning during drive-time, workout time, or in lieu of social media. The content is designed to inform our listeners of timely and relevant need-to-know that will help, encourage, and educate them. 

We want to differentiate our podcasts from the many that start off with random conversations between the host and the guest which take up a lot of time and we respect our listeners’ time too much to do that. Given our goal of conciseness, there will not be a lot of fluff as we will get to the point and strive to unearth the key wisdom quickly. 

All of our podcasts are available on our website, or through a variety of major podcast platforms. Subscribe to them so that you don’t miss any of the new ones and share them with your colleagues, friends, and family.

We hope you’re interested in either being a guest or sharing the name of a national expert whom you would like to hear.  We welcome suggestions on topics that you are curious about that would help you in your role.

Our goal with the design is that you learn through the production and taping process so that it adds value to you and gives you exposure as our contact list has grown now into the thousands.   

At the end of each podcast, we will share a thought-provoking quote.  

If you are interested in being one of our guests, or if you have suggestions for shows please contact us via  info@teleioscn.org 

I look forward to having you as a guest. 


Chris Comeaux, President / CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network




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