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Time with Quint Studer

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Quint Studer, Co-Founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group and one of Chris’ long-time and favorite mentors. Quint and Chris discuss many areas, but they start off with the recent Models of Care Insight Study that Healthcare Plus Solutions Group conducted on the workforce and staffing challenges that all of healthcare is facing.  Here is a link to the outcomes of that study.


The study received a response rate of almost 99% validity with over 3,300 participants.  One key finding was that managers see the environment differently from frontline employees.  Another finding was that organizations should not assume that there is more readiness for change than there is.  Therefore, Quint advises that everyone in the organization, including frontline managers, should become an expert in change management.  The study also found that people are desperate for skill training and that organizations need to connect the dots for employees to feel supported in their career development.  Finally, the study suggests that organizations should re-recruit retired nurses and have mentors who understand the training and development process.

Quint and Chris then discussed a blog Quint recently wrote titled, “Change Is Hard. Be Kind to Yourself as You Bounce.” (
Link to blog)  Quint emphasizes the need to move out of the valley of despair and into informed optimism.  He believes that most people want to do a good job, but it may be a skill issue rather than a will issue.  Therefore, digging into the details of what skills employees need to acquire and how they learn best is essential for development.  Quint also suggests that organizations should simplify their processes and focus on what employees can do less of to improve consistency and outcomes.  Finally, he advises asking patients about their biggest worry or concern to improve patient care.

This is a great listen for staff, leaders, and Boards of hospice and palliative care organizations. Join us, this is timely and relevant.




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Quint Studer
Co-Founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group



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Chris Comeaux
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