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In this podcast, Chris hosts one of his greatest mentors, Quint Studer.  Quint’s talents and gifts have helped to shape healthcare for over 40 years across the US and the globe. 

Chris starts the podcast thanking Quint and wondering aloud how many organizations that have won Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work can trace the roots of their journey of great cultures back to Quint and his work in healthcare over the years.  

This is a great podcast to listen to as we start our 2022 together.  Chris asked Quint two questions.  The first, “What advice do you have for hospice and palliative care staff as they start a new year after being war weary due to COVID?”  Quint’s answer is full of wisdom as he gives 3 simple but powerful questions for team members to wrestle with. 

Then Chris asks Quint, “What advice do you have for leaders in the hospice and palliative care industry?”  Quint’s answer is why the title of “well-being” was chosen for this podcast.  Join us as this podcast is well worth your time as you will listen to one of the greatest leaders, speakers, and teachers in healthcare of all time.






Our Guest


Quint Studer
Founder of the Studer Community Institute




Quint Studer

Quint Studer is a lifelong student of leadership.  He is a healthcare worker and a mentor to many.  He has worked with individuals at all levels of leadership to help them become better leaders and create high-performing organizations.  Along the way, he has discovered and refined many high-impact leadership behaviors, tools and tactics

He knows leadership is not easy and wants to simplify it for others.  He has a gift for translating complex business strategies into simple, doable leader behaviors that allow organizations to achieve long-term success and profitability.

Quint is a teacher at heart.  In fact, he began his leadership journey working with special needs children a job he loved and held for ten years.  He entered the healthcare industry in 1984 as a Community Relations Representative.  He then went on to hold leadership positions at Mercy Health System in WI and Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, IL, where their initiatives in patient care led to their winning Hospitals Magazine’s Great Comeback award.  In 1996, he became president of Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, FL, leading that organization to the top 1% of hospitals nationwide in patient and employee satisfaction.

In 2000, after numerous requests by organizations for assistance, Studer Group was formed.  Over the years the outcomes firm won multiple awards, including the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  By the time the firm was sold in 2015, it had 250 employees and had helped more than a thousand healthcare organizations move toward higher performance.

Through his work at Studer Group, he served as a role model for hundreds of CEOs and other administrative leaders around the county.  During this time, he was honored to receive several accolades for his leadership.  Inc. magazine named Studer their Master of Business, making him the only healthcare leader to have ever won this award.  Modern Healthcare, along with its sister publication Advertising Age, also honored him with the first Healthcare Marketing Visionary IMPACT award in 2014.  Around the same time, Becker’s Hospital Review recognized him as one of the 40 smartest people in healthcare.

Quint made a lasting contribution to healthcare by connecting patient care to the concept of customer service.  Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Vice President of Patient Experience Cyndi Tierney was quoted as saying that Quint put patient experience “on the map.”

Today, Quint remains very active in the healthcare field by helping organizations create great places to for patients, employees and physicians.  He serves on several healthcare boards and is a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor to individuals and organizations.

Quint is the author of 12 books.  His first title, BusinessWeek bestseller Hardwiring Excellence, is one of the most-read leadership books ever written for healthcare.  More than a million and a half copies are in circulation and it’s still one of the best-selling books in healthcare.  Two of his other books—Results That Last and his newest title The Busy Leader’s Handbook—became Wall Street Journal  bestsellers.  In The Great Employee Handbook he shares insights from working with thousands of employees during his career.  His newest book, The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special, is aimed at helping healthcare professionals keep their sense of passion and purpose high.