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The Future Serious Illness Continuum of Care

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Dr. Cameron Muir, MD, FAAHPM, Chief Innovation Officer for the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation & Principal and Founder, Cameron Muir Consulting, LLC.

Chris and Dr. Muir talk about why hospices should innovate and how necessary it is today given the changes in the payer landscape and broader healthcare landscape. Dr. Muir shares two core areas, or launching pads, by which hospices must think about innovation. He then shares four specific innovations which are great areas for every hospice and palliative care organization to be thinking about. He shares strategies we should consider going forward and ties it all together with a great patient story that connects with the heart of what we do while casting a vision of where innovation could take us.

A great quote from the podcast from Dr. Muir, “These are scary, uncertain yet exciting times in health care… Stay focused on your mission, and the beneficiaries that you set out to serve… and for which you took your oath as a health care professional… lead with your heart and serve boldly.” Words of wisdom for us all.

This is a great listen and thinking opportunity for staff and leaders as evolving and innovating the care models of our organizations is essential to our future and, more importantly, the future patients and families we will serve.

Join us, this is timely and relevant.




Dr. Cameron Muir, MD, FAAHPM
Chief Innovation Officer, National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice
Innovation & Founder and Principal, Cameron Muir Consulting, LLC




Chris Comeaux
Chris Comeaux
CEO / President of Teleios Collaborative Network





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