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Top News Stories Of The Month, July 2023

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The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, especially within the realm of hospice care. It's important for healthcare professionals and interested parties to stay informed about the latest developments and discussions. In a recent podcast episode, Chris continues the monthly program that will be airing throughout 2023 by sitting down with Mark Cohen, a veteran in the hospice sector, to discuss the news headlines and innovative approaches being taken in July.


Mark Cohen is the Editor & Publisher of Hospice News Today, an essential news and issues management briefing published 365 days a year for hospice leaders.  He also serves as Principal of his strategic communications firm, Cohen-Fyfe Communications. Mark spends hours each day reviewing and abstracting articles that make up his daily news brief, Hospice News Today.

Chris’ perspective is what hospice and palliative care leaders need to know to help lead their organizations and teams today, and prepare for tomorrow. Both perspectives make for an enlightening show, as Mark and Chris highlight their picks for the top 10-ish news articles for the past month (along with some honorable mentions).  Enjoy this timely, relevant, and information-packed episode.




Our Guest


Mark Cohen
Editor & Publisher of Hospice News Today, and
Cohen-Fyfe Communications


TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network


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