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One Word, or Two, or Three

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In this podcast, Chris reviews the TCNtalks podcasts from over 2022.  He also shares a great piece of wisdom: Teleios and many of its members have practiced each year, “One Word.”  This is a much more powerful way to set the tone and intention for your upcoming year and is much more useful than a New Year’s Resolution which seem to wane about 30 days into the New Year.  TCN just released a related blog titled One Word as well.

Chris also shares some wisdom called “The Rhythms Of Life And Work Life Blend,” in fact this also was a recently released blog from TCN.  The concluding segment has some great wisdom to aspire to in order to create a better rhythm and joy in all roles of your life as we enter into 2023.

This is a great listen and way to wrap up your 2022 with an eye towards 2023.  Join us, this is timely and relevant. 



Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
CEO / President of Teleios Collaborative Network





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