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Year in Review, One Word, and an Exciting Announcement for 2024

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In this TCNtalks podcast episode, host Chris Comeaux delves into a recap of the top podcasts of 2023, covering a diverse array of critical topics such as staffing challenges, Medicare Advantage, future trends, mental and emotional health, and reimagining the future of hospice and palliative care.


Additionally, Chris introduces the intriguing concept of the "One Word," a thematic or guiding principle for the upcoming year.  Teleios and many of its members have practiced this excellent piece of wisdom each year, “One Word.”  This is a much more powerful way to set the tone and intention for your upcoming year and is much more helpful than a New Year’s Resolution, which seems to wane about 30 days into the New Year.  By looking back on the past year and gazing forward, individuals can gain clarity about their causes and purposes.  Selecting One Word for the Year can offer a focused and directional approach to personal and professional life.

This is a great listen and a way to wrap up your 2023 with an eye toward 2024.  Join us; this is timely and relevant. 



TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux

MLAS, CPA; President/CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network
and Teleios Consulting Group

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