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Join us as we sit down with the trailblazing Samira K. Beckwith, Executive Vice President of Chapter's Health System and former CEO of Hope Health, for an enlightening conversation on hospice care.




Listen in as Samira shares her personal journey through Hodgkin's disease and how it sparked her unwavering commitment to revolutionizing patient care.  We discuss the profound impact of mentorship and how it shapes the next generation of leaders in the hospice field, with stories that highlight the heart and soul behind this sacred work.


The heart of the show is focused on the numerous innovations Samira has implemented throughout her career.  She emphasizes the importance of caring for patients as individuals and building relationships with the community.  Samira also shares her concerns about the potential commodification of end-of-life care and the need to preserve the essence of hospice.  She encourages hospice and palliative care providers to balance their mission with business considerations and continue to focus on what is best for patients and their families.



This is a great podcast for staff, leaders, and Board’s of hospice and palliative care organizations.  Join us, this is timely and relevant. 



Our Guest

TCNtalks guest Samira K. Beckwith

Samira K. Beckwith
Executive Vice President Chapters Health System
and long time CEO of Hope Health




TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network

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