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Top News Stories Of The Month, December 2023

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As the year winds down, Mark Cohen joins me once more for the Top News Stories for the prior month, bringing the warmth of the holidays to our discussion before we peer into the shifting tides of hospice and palliative care.




Our conversation begins with the merriment of jazz in Montreal and quickly pivots to the sobering realities of the healthcare sector.  From the scrutiny of nursing homes to the reshaping forces of industry mergers, we unpack the transformative events that mold the future of end-of-life care. 

Mark and I then cast a light on the healthcare headlines that have captivated our attention.  We tackle the severe nursing shortage and honor the unsung heroes of healthcare—volunteers.  As we pay homage to the lifelong dedication of Rosalynn Carter to caregivers, we also scrutinize the rising influence of for-profit providers in a field traditionally driven by a mission to serve. 

In the final moments, we benefit from a masterclass with Mark as he holds forth on why he is so adamantly opposed to hospice leaders referring to our field as an industry because that term fails to resonate with those we serve.  It needs to reflect the movement's roots and its mission-focused spirit.  We wrap up with a great quote, invoking Sister Irene Krause's wisdom: "No margin, no mission." It’s a poignant reminder that to care for others, we must be incredible stewards of our resources and, thereby, our mission.

Join us for an episode that celebrates the holiday spirit, confronts healthcare challenges, and honors the individuals dedicated to making a difference.  This is a great listen.  Join us; this is timely, relevant, and packed with need-to-know information.   


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Mark Cohen
Editor & Publisher of Hospice News Today, and
Principal, Cohen-Fyfe Communications

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Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network

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Quote by Sister Irene Krause



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