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Top News Stories of the Month January 2024

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In this week’s podcast, Mark Cohen joins Chris Comeaux again for the Top News Stories of the prior month.  This is a new format as Mark has retired from publishing the Hospice News Today as he has transitioned it to Cordt Kassner and the daily publication has been rebranded as Hospice and Palliative Care Today.  You can subscribe for free here:  www.hospicepalliativecaretoday.com




With this new format, Mark and Chris highlight the top news stories you don't want to miss, each from their different perspectives.  Mark is an editor, news aggregator, and longtime marketing Executive, and Chris is a C-Suite leader of hospice and palliative care.


Join us as they explore the dynamic shifts within the hospice industry.  Their conversation celebrates impactful 'mission moments' within hospice care, sharing heartfelt stories that exemplify the profound connection between caregivers and patients and address the financial and operational challenges hospices face today. 


Listen in as they tackle the critical issues in healthcare, from the effects of Medicare Advantage on hospice reimbursement to the concerns of data breaches and AI evolutions.  They engage with the complexities of an industry under the microscope of private equity and regulatory scrutiny and highlight the inspiring ways technology is reshaping care delivery.  The discussion with Mark extends to the closure of rural hospitals.



Also, for a fun twist this month, Mark and Chris highlight their predictions and trends we will see over 2024.  As we gaze into the future, they share predictions for the healthcare trends of 2024, anticipating collaborative networks, the consequences of pharmacy deserts, and the enduring struggles of the healthcare workforce.


Tune in for a comprehensive analysis that intertwines personal experiences, industry insights, and forward-looking predictions, all contributing to a must-listen episode for healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike.  You won’t want to miss this. 



Our Guest


Mark Cohen
Principal, Cohen-Fyfe Communications LLC

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TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network

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Quote in podcast

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."



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