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Becoming a Leader You Would Want to Follow

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As a proud graduate of Teleios University, I continue to use the leadership skills I developed in ways that are valuable not only to me but to my organization.  The leadership education taught throughout the one-year program gave me a new perspective on what being a leader is and how I must view the position.  Through Teleios University, I learned that leadership is a role rather than a person. Embracing this concept has enabled me to go further in my own learning – even after my Teleios experience – to not only become a leader I would want to follow, but to enjoy engaging in new ways to use the concepts that were taught.

When I was first asked to consider participating in Teleios University, my first thought was “how am I ever going to learn so much at my age while already working in a leadership position?”  The informational webinar regarding TU answered my questions and eased my concerns about performing well as an adult learner.  Experienced and knowledgeable teachers were readily available to me not only in our classes but in personal coaching sessions. Those coaching sessions helped me to dive deeper into the material and gain a better perspective of just how important it is to continue learning.  Perhaps this is a greater gift from my TU experience than I ever envisioned.  

I also gained a new peer group by engaging with my classmatewho are leaders in various health care organizations. We worked together in our monthly webinars and in projects which led to even greater experiential education that allowed me to build lasting relationships. Through the Teleios University Alumni Program, the learning and comradery continues!

Opportunities for professional development seem to be more commonplace and readily available via Ted Talks, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  While these are important avenues for additional learning, true immersion into leadership excellence is far more satisfying and lasting. Being an active participant engaging in developing lasting leadership skills through a formal process of assignments, webinars, and a capstone project is a far greater investment into building your capabilities beyond what the internet offers.  My capstone project at the completion of my year has become an important tool that ignited new opportunities for my organization to grow and for me to be the leader who helps make this possible.

Currently, one of my team leaders is attending Teleios University and this is what he has to say about his experience:

Teleios University has been such a surprise to me. In the beginning, I thought I would not have time to dedicate to it, and now as I am actively engaged in the course, I look forward to making the time to participate. The energy and support the TU coaches put into their students has been outstanding. I have enjoyed the challenge of each months assignments with specifically the challenge to really ‘decenter’ and do real self-reflection, learning, and growing. I have been in retail management and leadership for almost 30 years and this course has been an eye opener for me to continue to grow. A great opportunity!

Bobby Bennett, Retail Director and General Manager, Four Seasons Hospice Home Stores

I challenge you to consider why Teleios University is an extraordinary experience through these points that are highlighted in one of the books used in the course written by Lee Thayer:

  • “Having” a purpose is a promise, being “had by” a purpose makes it a necessity.
  • Why would anyone follow YOU?
  • It takes courage and commitment.  You will learn to slay dragons and to be focused.  
  • YOU are worth pursuit of real achievement which is a high-performance organization.  
  • Followers are not appointed, they are earned.
  • Great leaders are energized by not wanting the status quo.  
  • Having people in every role who are fully engaged is possible and necessary for high performance.  
  • How to engage the right people with the right passion in the right positions.


The key for me was learning how I think as a leader determines who I am and that in turn determines what I do and how I do it.  Teleios University became more important to me as the months of the program went by and I am truly grateful for the experience.  I believe I am a far better leader for having achieved my Certification in Leadership Excellence through Teleios University and I look forward to engaging with more TU alumni.  I encourage you to join me!




Paige Wheeler, Foundation Executive Director for Four Seasons



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