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I’m Worried About My Staff Is There Something I Can Do?

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Lara McKinnis, MS, MT-BC, Music Psychotherapist and Professional Development Specialist for TCN about the alarming trend of staff exhibiting the effects of trauma due to the last two years of overwhelm largely impacted by COVID, at work and at home. 

In Spring 2021, TCN launched TCNtalks with a series of podcasts related to mental health and wellbeing tools for leaders and their staff.  Now that we are living in a post-pandemic world with lasting implications and ongoing challenges from COVID, we are hearing more and more from leaders that they are worried and concerned about their staff.  This discussion seems even more timely now that we are in 2022. 

We have heard leaders say, “I know something is wrong, but I don’t know what to do for my team.”  Well, you have come to the right place to help you begin to understand that trauma is real.  And its impacts on your team and you are just as real.  Lara discusses the definition of trauma, names the primary responses you are probably observing but perhaps could not put words to with your team or with yourself, and then shares what can we do to help promote healing.  Earlier this year Quint Studer was on TCNtalks and his parting comment nailed where we are, “tools for mental health or emotional health are no longer nice to have tools for leaders, they are essential.”  Join us, this is timely and relevant.



Our Guest


Lara McKinnis,
MS, MT-BC, Music Psychotherapist
and Professional Development Specialist for TCN





Our Host


Chris Comeaux
CEO / President of Teleios Collaborative Network




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November 7-11th, 2022





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