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Americans’ Views On the US Healthcare System, Aging and End of Life Care

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In this podcast, our first of 2023, Chris interviews Tom Koutsoumpas, President and CEO of Capital Caring Health & CEO of the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) and Carole Fisher, President of the NPHI. 



Recently, ProPublica and The New Yorker published an article by Ava Kofman titled, “How Hospice Became a For-Profit Hustle.”  This article put hospice in the news quite a bit toward the end of 2022 and unfortunately it did not differentiate the very real variances between for-profit hospices, which are the hospices the article was highlighting, and nonprofit community-based mission focused hospices like NPHI members and Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) members.  Chris quoted a great op-ed from Timothy Noah, staff writer with The New Republic.  The op-ed was responding to the ProPublica article by drawing a sharp comparison of for-profit hospice to nonprofit hospice.  Tom and Carole responded to the ProPublica article and the op-ed, they further highlighted the differences of nonprofit and for-profit hospice via a study NPHI commissioned by Milliman.  Carole then went on to share a new study NPHI commissioned on Americans’ views on the US Healthcare system, aging, and end-of-life care.  Carole shared the fascinating outcomes from the study and how community-based nonprofit hospices can leverage this information.


This is great listen with some great data and learning regarding how community-based nonprofit hospices can build on their care models to further differentiate themselves from the horrible examples in the ProPublica article which aren’t even in the same universe of what community-based nonprofit hospices are providing to their communities.  This is a great listen for leaders, team members, and board members of the hospice and palliative care movement.  This episode will inform and challenge listeners regarding our evolution and allowing our serious illness organizations to stand apart for those needing our services tomorrow and into the future.  Join us.


Our Guest


Tom Koutsoumpas
President and CEO of Capital Caring Health & CEO of the
National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) 



Carole Fisher
President of the National Partnership for
Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) 



TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network



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