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Teleios Collaborative Network and CareAlly Health to Partner on Expanding Access to Serious Illness Care

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Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) and CareAlly Health 

August 22, 2022 

Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) is excited to announce a new partnership with CareAlly Health, a virtual serious illness care solution organization. TCN has supported the launch of CareAlly Health, (founded in 2022) to ensure everyone has access to quality, affordable serious illness care. 
CareAlly, an innovative serious illness care model, leverages analytics and technology to enhance serious illness support offered throughout TCN. CareAlly offers an innovative approach to traditional community-based palliative care allowing organizations to provide more nursing and social work services to more people stressed by serious illness – all at a lower cost. Additionally, CareAlly is allowing traditional palliative care programs an opportunity to enhance remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and principal care management and develop the needed infrastructure for value-based care models such as Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Reach, Medicare-Shared Savings, Special Needs Plans, and Medicare Advantage. 

CareAlly is a technology-enabled virtual serious illness care solution connecting people, providers, and payers. CareAlly combines the support of experienced palliative care nurses and social workers, who partner with current primary, specialty, and palliative care providers to ensure higher quality care, advanced care planning, and 24/7 support. This prepares for value-based care by providing higher quality care at lower cost, with more appropriate utilization of services. “I like to tell people that the health care system is like a giant conveyor belt carrying you along with “evidence-based guidelines” and “standard practice.” People feel pushed and prodded, confused, and stressed by a system that does not listen well,” says Dr. John Morris, CareAlly’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder. The purpose of CareAlly is to listen, understand each person as unique, and help people choose appropriate medical care so they get their best life possible with serious illness. 

“CareAlly is an opportunity to innovate palliative care services and increase access to these needed services ahead of changes in reimbursement,” says Christopher Morrissette, MBA, and CEO of CareAlly. Traditional community-based palliative care is expensive and often financially unsustainable. Many palliative care programs limit services to physicians and/or advance practice providers due to the nature of reimbursement. CareAlly will allow these programs to have added support of trained nurses and social workers to increase the wholistic interdisciplinary care provided to patients as well as increase access to underserved patients. 

About TCN 

TCN was founded in 2017 to support nonprofit hospice and serious illness organizations to improve quality, expand access and increase operational capacity through a high-quality, integrated network. TCN has continued to expand, currently serving thirteen members in North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Utah, and Idaho. TCN’s members allow for the network to serve over 6,000 patients per day in home-based primary care, home-health, homecare, palliative care, and hospice care. TCN has established a Clinically Integrated Network of hospice and palliative care providers to share best practices and improve quality of care. 

TCN is proud to celebrate the company's collaborative culture focused on excellence and innovation being nationally recognized as a "Best Place to Work” for the second year in a row. 

For more information on TCN please visit www.teleioscn.org or email info@teleioscn.org. 

About CareAlly Health 

CareAlly Health was formed in 2022 to increase access to quality care for people suffering with serious illness. With a unique model of virtual technology-enabled analytics, care management, palliative care, and education, CareAlly Health supplies guidance and support, so people live the life they want to live. 

CareAlly uses predictive analytics to support those impacted by serious illness. Services include advance care planning, guidance for medical decisions, symptom management, communication support, advocacy, social determinants support, counseling, education, and caregiver support. 

For more information on CareAlly please visit www.careallyhealth.com or email info@careallyhealth.com


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