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Dr John Morris, MD

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COVID 19 Fear, Facts, and Staying Calm in the Storm

Posted by Dr John Morris, MD on Jul 24, 2020 4:51:01 PM

NEWS ALERT!: COVID 19 lives for 3 days on surfaces! COVID 19 can spread 30 feet with a cough outdoors! Social distancing of 6 feet is not safe enough! COVID 19 can be left for miles in the wake of a runner in the park! COVID 19 droplets can escape the sides and top of surgical masks.

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Topics: Covid-19, Prevention, Social Distancing

Grandma Downloads An App

Posted by Dr John Morris, MD on Nov 1, 2019 10:44:16 AM

If I know one thing it’s that my Grandma loves living in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. There is nothing that makes her happier than sipping a cup of coffee while sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair Grandpa made her 25 years ago, listening to the birds chirp and watching the sun rise high into the sky.

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Topics: Palliative Care, Tap Cloud

Teleios Collaborative Network supports Community Based Palliative Care

Posted by Dr John Morris, MD on Aug 19, 2019 12:44:47 PM

Elaine has experience working as a palliative care RN in a hospital where structures and support are in place. She is excited to graduate with her NP degree and to be hired to start one of the first community based palliative care programs in Louisiana; but,she is overwhelmed with thinking about all the decisions and process that needs to take place.

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Topics: Nurse Practitioners

Serious Illness in Rural Communities

Posted by Dr John Morris, MD on Apr 10, 2019 1:06:36 PM

Mrs. H. was surprised with her diagnosis of breast cancer that had spread to bone. Her oncologist recommended chemotherapy and she tried it. She hated the toxins going through her system. She didn’t tolerate the chemotherapy very well anyway.

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Topics: Serious Illness, Palliative Care

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