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Mike Campbell On Hospice And Paramedicine Collaborations

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Mike Campbell, the Training Division Chief at Stanly County EMS, discusses the community paramedicine program and its innovative approach to healthcare.  The program focuses on providing healthcare services in the home, reducing the need for hospital visits and improving patient outcomes.


Community paramedics are highly trained and can perform a wide range of diagnostic testing and treatments in the home.  The program is funded through grants, county support, and partnerships with local hospital systems.  Like other healthcare roles, there is a concern about a shortage of paramedics in the future, but efforts are being made to attract and retain talent through changes in education and job satisfaction.


The conversation with Mike Campbell from Stanly County EMS focused on the importance of providing the right care in the pre-hospital environment and connecting patients to the appropriate resources.  The discussion covers the collaboration between EMS and hospice care, as well as the challenges and solutions in coordinating and communicating between different organizations.


This is a great listen for staff, leaders, and Board’s of hospice and palliative care organizations. Join us, this is timely and relevant.




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Mike Campbell, guest on TCNtalks

Mike Campbell
Training Division Chief, Stanly County EMS



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Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
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