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Measure What Matters and What Really Matters IS The Close of Life

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Imagine having an intimate chat with Dr. Joan Teno, a leading adjunct professor at Brown University and one of the long-standing researchers in the hospice and palliative care space.  In this podcast, we shed light on research and data regarding quality and satisfaction in hospice.  It's not every day you get the chance to dig into such a vital topic with someone of her caliber.




In our candid conversation, Dr. Teno shares her extensive career experiences, incredible research findings, and highlights her unwavering commitment to mentoring the next generation of hospice healthcare professionals and researchers.  We venture into the heart of hospice care, examining the significance of prioritizing quality over profits and the essential role multidisciplinary teams play in delivering exceptional care.


We navigate further into this enlightening discussion, we examine the intricate details of quality care in hospice settings.  Drawing insights from Dr. Teno's student's senior thesis, we uncover how even minute variations can profoundly impact the quality of hospice care.  We delve into the value of the CAHPS survey, shedding light on the pivotal role of the family in the care experience.  Our focus shifts to Medicare Advantage plans and their relationship with hospice care.  We discuss the Quality Bonus Plan for Medicare Advantage plans, underscoring the need for transparency and precision in data.  This compelling conversation concludes with Dr Teno's profound reflection on the significance of acknowledging patients' perspectives on their needs.  You don't want to miss this insightful journey through the world of hospice care.



This is a great listen for staff, leaders, and even Board’s of hospice and palliative care organizations.  Join us, this is timely and relevant. 



Dr. Joan Teno

Dr. Joan Teno

Adjunct Professor of Health Services Policies
and Practices at Brown University



TCNtalks Host

Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
President & CEO
Teleios Collaborative Network


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