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Imagine that the Pain is the Doorway

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In this episode of TCN Talks, Lara McKinnis brings together her training in psychotherapy, music therapy, and somatic therapy in a beautiful way. 

Chris and Lara discuss what is going on with our hospice and palliative care team members in terms of trauma.  Lara unpacks that we all have these “shadow” parts of us that are underlying and further that we are indoctrinated not to digest and process these parts.  But, if we do process them, then the journey has a positive and powerful influence on us and how we show up in all aspects of our life.  TCN has begun to refer to this as the “Art of showing up.”  How we show up has always been a challenge; however, we continue to learn just how much COVID has exposed all the ways we have not been dealing with the parts of us that we don’t want to see.  This is a great discussion regarding how each of us can go where society and tradition have told us not to go, our emotions and our body.  By exploring that territory, the pain truly can be the doorway to healing. Healing our deeper wounds has the potential to transcend every aspect of our life, far beyond our work as hospice and palliative care professionals. 






Our Guest

Lara McKinnis, MS, MT-BC, FAMI