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Giving in 2022: Positioning for Success in 2023

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Tina Gentry, Chief Administrative and Advancement Officer at Teleios Collaborative Network.  As we approach the end of the year this is a great time to talk about philanthropy, but not just for end-of-year purposes.  On TCNtalks, we have had several shows this past year focused on the challenges facing the hospice segment.  Given the many challenges, hospices are looking for the magic bullet that can help alleviate the many other pressures.

Philanthropy, while not a magic bullet, can be a major opportunity for hospices, through donors, to partner in this meaningful work that we do at a very critical time.

Tina discusses the art & science of philanthropy and shares 5 things philanthropy departments/ development teams can do to up their game.  This is also a great listen for board members and perhaps for donors as a primer for an investment in your mission.

As we approach the holidays, join us for this timely and relevant discussion.



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Tina Gentry
Chief Administrative and Advancement Officer at Teleios Collaborative Network



Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
CEO / President of Teleios Collaborative Network










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