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Caring for Others with Quint Studer

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In this Anatomy Of Leadership podcast, Chris has a conversation with Quint Studer, Founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group and one of Chris’ long-time and favorite mentors.



The discussion explores the importance of caring for others in leadership and the challenges of balancing accountability and empathy.  It also introduces Quint Studer's new book which he co-wrote with Katherine Meese, PhD, The Human Margin: Building the Foundations of Trust.  The book focuses on the role of trust in healthcare organizations.

During this insightful dialogue, Quint Studer shares strategies for creating empathy and connection in healthcare organizations.  He highlights the importance of experienced staff members sharing their own experiences and vulnerabilities with new employees to help them feel more connected and supported.  Quint also discusses the power of adopting a 'get-to' mindset, where individuals view their work as a privilege rather than a burden.  He highlights the impact of living with purpose and the ability to positively influence communities.  The conversation concludes with a brain bookmark, providing further opportunities for learning and reflection.

Join us, this is great listen.





Quint Studer, guest on Anatomy Of Leadership podcast

Quint Studer
Founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group




Chris Comeaux

Chris Comeaux
MLAS, CPA; President/CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network
and Teleios Consulting Group

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Transcript to Podcast


Human Margin building the foundations of Trust, by Quint Studer



Brain Bookmark

Are you a "got to" person or a "get to" person? Be a "Get To" person!" - Quint Studer


"We have to be careful that we don't take what is a relationship field and make it a transactional one." - Quint Studer



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