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Lessons In Leadership

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Matt Challberg, the founder and CEO of Tallio.  Matt started to publish the “Leadership Letter” in mid-2019, which consists of interviews with some of the top leaders in the home health, hospice, and palliative care industry in the U.S.  Over these past 3 years Matt has harvested valuable leadership insights and he pays them forward in this great discussion with Chris.  Please join us if you are a leader today and join us if you see leadership in hospice and palliative care in your future, which is our hope for all of our listeners because even good IDG team members are leaders as they lead the patient and family on the journey of their care plan.  Enjoy!





Our Guest


Matt Challberg
Founder and CEO, Tallio



Matt Challberg is the Founder and CEO of Tallio, a technology company focused on helping organizations design the future of work in healthcare. Matt has interviewed dozens of leaders in the post acute industry as part of a quarterly publication called the Leadership Letter. Additionally, his team has been conducting clinical interviews and surveys to better understand the challenges of healthcare workers across home health and hospice organizations. Prior to starting Tallio, Matt was a founding team member at Forcura, a healthcare care coordination technology company. Matt was part of the leadership team who helped develop the culture at Forcura which has recently been honored by Great Place to Work as one of the Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplaces™. Matt holds a B.S in Industrial Engineering with a focus on organizational design.