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Compassion, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness

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In this podcast, Chris interviews Dr. Rohini Kanniganti furthering two prior podcasts where we discussed what is going on with our healthcare workers out of care and concern for them dealing with the strains the pandemic has brought on. 

Dr. Kanniganti brings her wisdom, presence, and thoughts around compassion, self-compassion, and mindfulness.  Dr. Kanniganti believes these three states of being are being essential to healthcare workers living their cause and purpose, not just now due to the pandemic, but at all times due to the nature of the work in healthcare and especially for hospice and palliative care workers.  Just listening to Dr. Kanniganti has a calming effect on you, the key is where does that come from?  And how do we harness that wisdom for daily presence in our roles?  Hint:  it is not about doing more stuff and it has something to do with institutionalized love.






Our Guest

Dr. Rohini Kanniganti