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Teleios Provides Vital Services During Challenging Times

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Hendersonville, NC January 28, 2023: Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) offers increasingly vital solutions as organizations providing hospice and serious illness services continue to scale back administrative positions and cut costs. The value that TCN brings to members of its Clinically Integrated Network continues to increase as it offers solutions that save organizations money and provides services that drive growth.

Over the last few months, several health systems have announced layoffs, reorganization, and intent to leave open positions unfilled. Across the country, hospitals and serious illness organizations are streamlining their administrative and executive level positions.

Increasing labor costs and the potential for economic recession are cited for the changes.

“These are challenging times throughout all of healthcare. For hospice and serious illness organizations, we are facing simultaneous pressures on top line revenue decreasing while at same time pressures for increases across the board on the expense side. These pressures are only going to get worse going into the future. One of the early credos our Network ascribed to, and we are living into, is we are better together than we are separately. This has manifested in multiple ways like sharing in mission support services, TCN Coaching services helping to improve top line and expense side, and the synergy of being part of a Clinically Integrated Network where members cross pollinate ideas, improvements, and innovations. We truly have affirmed we are better together than we are separately,” stated Chris Comeaux, TCN President and CEO.

TCN enables its members to achieve economies of scale by participating in support services such as billing, credentialing, DPA, financial services, growth leadership, and philanthropy services, among many others.

Dr. Millicent Burke-Sinclair, CEO of Four Seasons, says of her experience with TCN, “Having the peace of mind knowing that we have experts available to support our staff whenever needed is a huge benefit to being a member of TCN. With workforce shortages across the nation and rising costs, now more than ever before we are grateful to have support services from TCN so that we have the confidence that we are able to expand our mission, vision, and values both with our organizational staff and volunteers, as well as with TCN’s support.”

TCN is a nonprofit organization that has created a Clinically Integrated Network that shares expert leadership, industry best practices, and resources with its member organizations, allowing community-based, nonprofit hospice and serious illness agencies to continue their work of providing compassionate care for those facing serious illness or the end of life. There are over 3,500 hospice and 6,000 palliative patients in its network. TCN was founded in 2017 by Four Seasons and Carolina Caring and co-founded by AMOREM and Mountain Valley organizations. TCN is currently comprised of twelve member organizations and serves in North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Idaho, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Utah.


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