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Teleios Announces Addition of NWKareS to Network

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Hendersonville, NC May 1, 2023: Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) announced the addition of NWKareS to its Network. Since 1982, NWKareS has provided comfort and compassionate care to persons in northwest and north central Kansas. For the past forty years, NWKareS has been committed to focusing on the values and priorities of patients and families as well as their physical, psychological, and spiritual comfort.  NWKareS provides Hospice and Palliative care to sixteen counties in northwest and central Kansas and provides Home Health Care in several western Kansas counties.

“We are excited for NWKareS to join our Teleios Collaborative Network,” said Chris Comeaux, President and CEO of TCN.  “Sandy Kuhlman is an innovative Executive Director and she and her team are committed to serving their rural communities with excellence despite all the challenges that rural healthcare brings.  TCN is excited to work alongside Sandy and her team to navigate those challenges and together to create a pathway for rural hospices in America to thrive”.

“Hospice Services of Northwest Kansas is committed to providing the highest quality end-of-life care for the communities we serve,” said Sandy Kuhlman, Executive Director, NWKareS.  “We realize we need support and resources to continue to grow and face challenges as the environment changes. Our focus is to partner with TCN network/membership to explore opportunities to build access in very rural or frontier areas.  The leadership and knowledge are invaluable and the resources will help us fill the gaps.  We are excited to be part of the TCN Network”.  

With the addition of NWKareS, TCN has over 3,500 hospice and 6,000 palliative care patients in its network.

TCN is a nonprofit organization that has created a Clinically Integrated Network that shares expert leadership, industry best practices, and resources with its member organizations, allowing community-based, nonprofit hospice and serious illness agencies to continue their work of providing compassionate care for those facing serious illness or the end of life.  TCN was founded in 2017 by Four Seasons and Carolina Caring and co-founded by AMOREM and Mountain Valley organizations.  TCN is currently comprised of twelve member organizations and serves in North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas and Utah.


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