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Voice of the Patient

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In this podcast Chris interviews Keith Taylor

Keith was a thriving businessman and then had a huge curveball thrown his way as he had a stroke.  Keith was struggling during that time with his cause and purpose because the aftereffects of the stroke upended his life and his career.  Now several years later Keith has turned that challenge into a new purpose helping people who have had strokes recover via his unique BASE program and via Keith’s coaching.  Chris invited Keith because as hospice and palliative care professionals we often don’t get to hear the voice of the patient, their story, and their perspective.  Keith’s story is an inspiring one and also an informative one to many of us who dedicate so much of our time and talent to caring for others.  Give this a listen as it will be informative and also inspirational.  Join us. 





Our Guest

Keith Taylor
Founder of Strength after Stroke


BASE = Belief Attitude Strength Energy 

Wisdom Quote:
Too many hospices take for granted and assume that they are providing excellent care.  However, the quality, constancy, and perceived value is completely determined by the individuals performing the visits.  Most patients will not complain even if they have had a less than ideal experience. – Andrew Reed.