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Using your Armor

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In this podcast Chris interviews Dawn F. Landry who recently wrote about her “care coaching” (her self-defined term about caregiving) journey in her first book ARMORED

Dawn and Chris graduated high school together 33 years ago in rural, south Louisiana.  In this interview Dawn shares her unique wisdom and experience having been a Corporate Executive Coach and having gone through several health battles and caregiving experiences with her husband Daran.  Due to these unique circumstances of events and life experiences, Dawn weaves her gift of storytelling, her coaching tools, and her experience as a caregiver into an incredible working guide and memoir that benefits caregivers everywhere, including in the hospice and palliative care world.  Join us.






Our Guest

Dawn F. Landry

Dawn F. Landry is an award-winning and respected business professional. She has spent over half of her 28-year career in Houston's corporate real estate industry, excelling in business development and marketing leadership positions within the region's largest economic development organization, as well as international commercial construction companies. In February 2017, Dawn founded Authentizity, LLC, as an independent B2B growth strategist and a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach to provide consulting, training, and coaching services that optimize technical teams' engagement and productivity.

In 2020, she authored, self-published, and released her bestselling book, ARMOREDARMORED is a memoir, a love story, and ultimately a practical leadership guide to managing crisis on your own terms. Equipped with her leadership and technical services career, and with strategic thinking and communication abilities, Landry successfully supported her husband, Daran, through three major life-threatening illnesses. Unconventional, imperfect, determined, yet humorously self-aware, Landry proves that by leaning into our individual backgrounds and capabilities, we all have the power within us to courageously motivate and be an advocate for those under our charge.