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Raquel Braithwaite

VP of Program and Business Development

Raquel Braithwaite has been a healthcare leader for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of operational, marketing, and strategy positions.  Raquel marries business acumen with clinical expertise.  She has worked in and consulted for health systems, pharma, start-up, small business, and nonprofit sectors.

Raquel holds Bachelor degrees in Nursing and Humanities, and a Master’s in Applied Healing Arts.  She is a Board-Certified Coach and focuses her practice on emerging female leaders.  She is an innovator, and in 2010 developed and directed a comprehensive healing arts program.  In 2016 she launched the Medicare Care Choice Model in the first cohort.  In 2018 she joined the executive team of a senior living start-up and designed a new model of healthcare navigation for independent living residents.  She joined Teleios Collaborative Network in 2021 as a Coach and Vice President of Program and Business Development.

Raquel offers subject matter specialty in the areas of external relations, business strategy, operational planning, leadership, and innovative program development. She is a capable change agent - leading initiatives and inspiring creative new approaches through team building, coaching, and mentoring.