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Finding Your Sales Strategy For Palliative Care Services

findingyoursalesstrategyThe challenging health care landscape of 2020 is leading home health providers to view their businesses and avenues of care with new eyes. In a value-based landscape with patients growing frailer while living longer and managing a range of comorbidities, home health agencies want to expand service lines, develop new revenue sources and craft a deeper referral base.

Palliative care can be the solution for all three goals. The practice aims to improve the quality of life for patients facing life-threatening illnesses, doing so through methods designed to prevent and relieve suffering. To deliver palliative care, home health providers must re-examine their sales strategies to build this new capability.

Conditions are right for this renaissance. Community-based palliative care is found to significantly reduce total health care costs and hospital admissions, including a potential nationwide health care savings of more than $100 billion over the next two decades, according to one government watchdog in 2019.

“Palliative care is very important for patients who aren’t ready for hospice care, but are definitely in need,” says Chip Carroll, director of strategy and business development for post-acute technology firm PlayMaker Health. “It gives you some insight into the future of healthcare. Palliative care is definitely going to be very important for home health and hospice to address.”

This white paper will reveal the deeper benefits of palliative care for home health agencies, showing how palliative care can address COVID-19-related health needs in 2021, how to build your palliative care network, and how to craft your sales and marketing plan.

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