The PRECEPTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM consists of two experiences: a one-time Preceptor Immersion Course and an ongoing development experience through the Preceptor Development Institute.

The Preceptor Immersion Course is a two-day immersive experience designed to prepare clinicians for the role of preceptor to new hospice and palliative care team members.   The course offers a dynamic, active-learning experience with numerous opportunities for developing knowledge and skill in applying principles of adult learning to the orientation and onboarding of new clinical team members.

Participants receive resources for planning ahead and preparing an engaging orientation of the new team member. Participants will gain fundamental knowledge needed to develop skill in the following areas:

  • Assessing the learning needs of new team members/preceptees;
  • Preparing learning objectives for themselves and their preceptees;
  • Fostering critical thinking, clinical reasoning and reflective practice;
  • Providing effective feedback and managing conflicts in the preceptor/preceptee relationship;
  • Participating effectively in facilitation of learning and laying the foundation for ongoing professional development of new team members; and
  • Participating in the formal evaluation process

A Preceptor Guide and ready-to-go learning activities and exercises are provided that the preceptor and preceptee can complete together to optimize the professional practice experience.   For those organizations who are building a Preceptor program, documents and templates are provided that can be modified to suit the needs of the developing program. 

The Preceptor Development Institute is a quarterly webinar event that aims to continually enhance the knowledge and skills of preceptors after completion of the Preceptor Immersion Course. The Institute provides an opportunity for peer coaching and support as well as a ‘deeper dive’ into complex teaching and learning concepts introduced in the Preceptor Immersion Course. Remote and in-person options for participation in the Preceptor Development Institute are available.

For more information on the program, please contact:  Michelle Webb, CNO / Chief Learning Officer at 

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