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Project ECHO-HPM CARES (Hospice and Palliative Medicine COVID-19 Action and Resilience Educational Support)


About Project ECHO HPM CARES:

We at Four Seasons in Flat Rock, NC welcome you to ECHO HPM CARES (Hospice and Palliative Medicine COVID-19 Action and Resilience Education Support).  Four Seasons in the Southeast and the Providence Health System in the Northwest are collaborating with the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico to offer this program, generously funded by the Cambia Health Foundation.


ECHO HPM CARES provides a response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our hospice and palliative care communities through virtual hospice and palliative care sessions along with additional support services.  


The sessions incorporate didactic presentations, case discussions, skills workshops, and facilitated debriefings. Several topical threads will wind throughout:

  1. COVID-19 clinical concerns
  2. Communication skills and tele-heath
  3. Health equity and social determinants of health
  4. Resilience for providers


Additionally, patient case consultation services are available:

  • Our clinical hub teams can serve as remote case consultation services, if you have patient care consult needs. We also bring in the expertise of others in the virtual community to assist with these patient care questions.


There are two clinical geographic hub sites (SE and NW) with two cohorts at each hub - one cohort for palliative care team members and one for hospice team members. Each cohort is open to ALL members of the interdisciplinary teams, and you are welcome to choose one or both cohorts.

  • Four Seasons coordinates the SE hub sessions: Thursdays from 12-1pm ET. 
  • Providence Health System coordinates the NW hub sessions: Thursdays from 12-1pm PT.
  • PC and Hospice cohorts meet every other week, using the ZOOM video-conference platform.
  • You will receive a recurring calendar invite when confirmed in the cohort.
  • You will also receive an email announcement before each of the cohort sessions.


Our intent over the grant period is to:

  • Create a platform for all participants to learn from one another and to build community
  • Provide support for organizations and individuals that practice in under-resourced or under-supported situations 
  • Welcome organizations that may not be under-resourced but that serve the underserved in our communities
  • Encourage excellent collaboration


Funded by: The Cambia Health Foundation


Click here to download 2021 Program Schedule


Operations team:

  1. Southeast Hub Ops Team:

                             Elizabeth Burpee, MD – Project Director

                              Tyler Bice – Project Coordinator/IT

                              Elaine Bailey – Project Coordinator/Administrator

                              Lisa Massie – Grant Manager/CEU Coordinator

  1. Northwest Hub Ops Team:

                              Gregg Vendekieft, MD – Project Co-Director

                              Tammy Arndtt – Project IT

                              Vivian Lei – Project Coordinator/Administrator


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Contact Us:

For more information or to join the project, contact us at ECHO-HPM-CARES@fourseasonscfl.org