Experience Matters. 

At Four Seasons, we value our music therapy internship program and the quality care they add to the Four Seasons experience. 

What is Four Seasons?
Four Seasons is a non-profit organization providing hospice, palliative care, home care, care navigation, grief services, and clinical research throughout an 13-county area in Western North Carolina. Founded on meaningful values, innovative spirit, and expert care, we have served the WNC region for over 40 years. We employee about 250 staff members and 400 volunteers, and at any given time we are serving around 300 patients and families within our hospice program alone. Our music therapy interns work primarily in Asheville, Hendersonville, and smaller communities west of Asheville.
What is the history of the Music Therapy program and internship?
Music therapy was introduced to Four Seasons in 2007. A few years later, in 2012, Four Seasons became a National Roster Internship Site. We have 6 full-time Music Therapists and one music therapist dedicated to providing additional support when needed. Our music therapists work primarily in the Hospice and Grief Services service lines. Each person admitted to our Hospice program has access to a Music therapist. Our Hospice serves individuals dealing with a variety of terminal illnesses including cancer, COPD, heart disease, and dementias. As opposed to receiving referrals from other team members, our music therapists are well integrated as core members of the IDG (Interdisciplinary Group). Our music therapists provide non-pharmacological symptom management, spiritual support, and grief support in their Hospice and Bereavement roles. Our Grief Services program provides care for both children and adults.
When does Four Seasons accept new interns?
Typically, we have two interns with us each year- one starting in January and another starting in July. Interns applying for our January internship position need to have their completed applications in by July 1st. Interns applying for our July internship position need to have their completed applications in by January 1st. We are flexible with start dates when possible.
Where is Four Seasons located?

Four Seasons is rooted in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Our main administration building is just south of Asheville, in Flat Rock, NC. Four Seasons serves the greater Asheville area, spanning the 13 westernmost counties of NC. The WNC region has long been a sought-after location for travel and residency: the lush mountain landscapes, rich architecture, historical attractions, and unique Southern culture of the region draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. We experience moderate weather year-round and four mild, distinctive seasons. The region is the ultimate playground for those who enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, or just being outdoors.

Named Lonely Planet’s Top U.S. Travel Destination in 2017, Asheville itself is a melting pot of vibrant arts, music, and cultures. The small city is home to Biltmore, known as “America’s Castle”, the famous Grove Park Inn hotel, and hundreds of unique restaurants and breweries that earned it the national title “Beer City” several years in a row. A combination of rich diversity, acceptance, and Southern hospitality have created the city’s distinct and popular culture, causing many to long to call Asheville ‘home’, even if just for a while. As tucked away in the mountains as it seems, Asheville is also very connected to the rest of the world: a growing regional airport with direct flights to many large U.S. cities and easy driving access to Charlotte, Atlanta, and Raleigh-Durham only add to Asheville’s convenient and enviable lifestyle.

Depending on when our interns start, they might be working primarily in Asheville, Hendersonville, or in the quaint, small communities west of Asheville. Whatever your interests, our region provides the perfect backdrop for a vibrant personal and professional life.

Is this a paid internship?
Yes! In fact, $2,000 is dispersed in 6 installments over the course of the internship. Interns must provide their own vehicles and proof of auto insurance. Additionally, interns will be reimbursed for mileage accrued for work related travel.
What do I need to supply during my internship?
Interns must supply their own guitar for use with patients and families. Interns may also choose to bring other instruments such as a portable piano, harp or other instrument.
Where will I live & will I have time off?
Interns will be responsible for their own housing and meals. We can provide suggestions for living arrangements. Interns will be allowed 6 “flex” days for personal time in addition to holidays that fall during the internship (January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day).
Once I’ve accepted an internship position, what needs to happen before I start?

A competency-based internship agreement must be initiated by academic faculty upon acceptance to the internship. It must include areas of focus (not to include group MT). This must be signed and in place within 4 weeks of the start date. The start date can be delayed if the internship agreement is not completed prior to the start date. 

Upon acceptance to the internship, students will be required to complete a background check, drug screen, and TB test, as well as an employee application (this does not entitle interns to a job with Four Seasons upon completion of the internship).

Is there an “orientation”?
Because our interns are fully integrated into our Hospice service line, each intern goes through an extensive orientation process. We treat our interns the same as new staff. We want each intern to be fully prepared to integrate fully into our music therapy program during their time here.
What’s it like to work in Hospice? Is it sad?
One of the biggest misperceptions of working in Hospice is that it is always sad. Death, as we all know but rarely discuss, is a part of life. For some, end-of-life is full of sweetness and warmth as individuals process tender memories, honor the life of their loved-one and find incredible forms of strength and support within themselves and their family system. For others, end-of-life is incredibly difficult as they navigate the harsh unknown that none of us can not know until we have experienced certain types of loss. Death affects each person and each family in a unique manner. You will experience all types of emotion while working in Hospice- everything from joy to pain.
What’s it like to work in Bereavement?
Our Bereavement Team is made up of Music Therapists, Social Workers, and Chaplains. We also have a program called Heart Songs that is dedicated to proving grief support for children and teenagers. Interns have the opportunity to provide grief support to children and adults, in both 1:1 and group settings. You’ll be able to work with other disciplines as you increase your knowledge about grief and loss.
Do I have to be spiritual/religious to fit in at Four Seasons?
In a word, “no.” Four Seasons is not affiliated with any certain religious belief system. We provide spiritual support that is geared toward the beliefs of our patients and families. While we lean on our unique and personal belief systems to support us as we do our work, we do not place our belief systems on others or attempt to change or influence the belief system of those we serve in any way. Four Seasons employees, volunteers and interns come to work with a wide variety of spiritual and religious belief systems. All are welcome here.
What makes Four Seasons unique?
We provide the opportunity to gain experience by working with 7 different Music Therapists as well as the chance to collaborate with other disciplines.