Accounting Services

TCN offers all the accounting functions necessary in the operation of a
Hospice, including management of accounts payable, monthly close processes, preparation of income, and cash flow statements and balance sheets, including monthly financial statements.

Accounts Payable Services

TCN can provide invoice processing, payment processing, and overall vendor and AP management. We have built our culture with a focus on customer service and treating our members as customers ensuring their needs are met and their relationships with their community are enhanced by optimal payment and processing time.

Professional Development

Teleios Collaborative Network provides distance, in-person and self-directed educational programs and resources on a range of clinical and leadership topics to meet the needs of hospice and palliative care leaders, practitioners, and line level staff. TCN's Professional Development program is a training and educational journey that helps meet all regulatory and accreditation requirements, but more than that, accelerates and enhances the learning journey of your staff which ultimately translates to better care by the bedside. Continuing education/continuing medical education is also available for counselors, nurses, physicians and social workers.

This dynamic training and development program provides access to experts and peers and a complete turnkey operation for your organization’s professional development needs.


We can bill and collect for all your payers. We will customize a billing proposal that meets your needs.

TCN has ability to bill and collect for all payers and can customize a billing proposal that meets Medicare, commercial and private insurance payers, VA plans and state Medicaid room and board programs. 

Is your revenue stream being impacted by hospice coding and billing mistakes that result in denied claims or underpayment? When you work with TCN, you get more than just hospice coding and billing services… you get a team of specialized experts dedicated to your financial success.

TCN combines powerful technology and superior service with expert consultation and advice. The hospice coding and billing service experts work hard so that you are accurately reimbursed for the services you provide.


There are 4 primary reasons to include Credentialing in your Shared Services selections:

2. Provider Compliance
3. Facility Privileging
4. Organization and Provider Enrollment with Payers

Credentialing works with the payers to ensure that your organization stays credentialed and enrollments are current.  For providers, the credentialing process initiates the gathering of provider data that will be used for credentialing the provider with your organization, payer enrollments, facility privileging, billing, as well as provider directories. Credentialing manages, tracks, and maintains the data, rather than asking the provider to complete successive applications repeatedly, allowing them to do what they do best, provide excellent healthcare.

Credentialing is the first step in patient safety and the first link in the revenue chain.

Specialized Expertise for the Freedom You Need



“The Mountain Valley Hospice (MVH) Board of Directors engaged TCN to help us identify and hire a new CEO for our company. As this is arguably a Board`s most important fiduciary responsibility, we first vetted executive search firms to help us complete this task. The Board made the wise decision this fall to engage TCN to advise and assist us on this CEO search process. TCN and its professional staff did an outstanding job planning and implementing all stages of the search. This included quickly identifying and screening an excellent pool of candidates, narrowing the field to several finalists, and working with the Board to vet and hire an exceptional CEO for MVH. TCN completed this critical assignment quickly, professionally, economically, and most importantly, successfully. The MVH Board was exceptionally pleased with TCN services, their team of experts, and highly recommends them to you.”


Chris A. Lumsden, FACHE
President & CEO
Northern Regional Hospital