"As a result of the hour by hour changes surrounding COVID-19, Four Seasons' Emergency Preparedness Team is meeting daily to plan for and respond to effects on staff, volunteers, patients and families, and our communities at large. It is a privilege to serve you, and our commitment to you extends to doing our best to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!"

- Millicent Burke-Sinclair, President & CEO


Thanks for checking in with us! Read below for more information on Four Seasons’ response to COVID-19.

  • Four Seasons is honored to continuing serving our communities with the highest quality of care for those with serious illness.
  • We are currently accepting referrals and admitting patients to our programs, including hospice, taking special precautions to screen our staff and the families receiving our care in order to prevent unnecessary exposure in every situation.
  • We are diligently following CDC guidelines, actively monitoring changes in guidelines, and making accommodations to ensure that everyone who both provides and receives our care remains safe.
  • We have a three-layer approach to emergency preparedness response including an Oversight Committee, an Incident Command Center group, and a COVID-19 Response Team. Each of these teams are collaborating daily to ensure we have proper staff in place, that our staff are well-protected with personal protective equipment and training, and that our volunteers, patients, families, and the community at large receive the support and compassion they deserve.
  • We have telehealth options in place to allow supportive care to continue in cases where in-person contact is limited or remote options are preferred.
  • We are partnering with area nursing centers, hospitals, senior living communities, and healthcare providers to provide care with respect to the restrictions that may be in place to protect the safety of those who are most vulnerable.
  • Our COVID-19 Response Team will continue to meet daily to monitor changes so that we are fully up-to-date on any and all items related to providing care to our precious patients and families.


"One of my favorite quotes is 'Chance Favors the Prepared Mind'. I am honored to be leading a team of professionals who are making excellent preparations to deal with our current situation, all with a singular focus: our patients. We will continue to model Four Seasons' values throughout this journey in order to provide the most excellent care possible to our region."

-Janet Bull, MD, Chief Medical Officer 


Check back here often for updates. Thank you for trusting Four Seasons!